New places, new faces, new adventures! Nothing beats the fun scouts have during a campout and they play a big part in Troop 809.

Campouts are trips we take where we spend one or more nights away from our home turf. Most of these trips include sleeping in tents, preparing our own meals, some kind of organized activity such as hiking, canoeing, bicycling or some other physical activity, plenty of free time activity, as well as our Scouts Own Service on Sunday morning prior to breaking camp.

Following the tradition of scouting, it is the scouts who give their input and decide where the troop will travel for these great getaways. So you get to play a role in deciding the future outings and journeys of Troop 809!

New campouts will be listed as the plans are finalized and you can learn more about each event by clicking on the appropriate tab. Registration/permission forms will be available on the specific page for each activity. We ask that you complete a separate form for each attendee and submit it at a troop meeting by the registration deadline.