Parents of Scouts

Scouting is all about the scouts. So why is there a section for adults? Let’s not forget that by thoroughly engaging the parents of scouts, the welfare of the troop is strengthened exponentially. So this section is dedicated to the mom’s, dad’s and guardians of our scouts to let them know they have a place to go and people to rely upon whenever they have a question or a problem and in doing so, we make our troop that much more successful.

Within this section and through this website is a lot of information to help adults navigate scouting. But no matter how hard we try, and no matter how large the collection of information we put together, there will always be something that is not covered. Please remember that within this section is a page titled “Troop 809’s Leadership”. When you need help, have a problem, or need to ask a question – people who can help are there waiting to lend a hand!

OK then. Let’s get scouting!