In Troop 809 we depend upon adult volunteers for all of the behind the scenes work it takes to run a troop. We encourage you to explore the many opportunities for volunteering in Troop 809. The famous quote ~ “Many hands makes light work.” ~ applies perfectly to the operations of a scout troop.

Photo Pointing at You
Your help – great or small – makes a huge difference!

So what is the key ingredient to having a successful committee of volunteers? That’s easy. New people. New volunteers bring about fresh ideas that are vital to the health of the troop. You don’t need to know a lot about scouting or have any special skills. A desire to enhance and enrich the lives of young scouts is all that is really necessary. Now with that said, if you have special talents or work experience that fits a particular volunteer role, please let us know. It is always great to enlist the aid of a real expert. The diverse range of skills found among our adults is what makes scouting, and Troop 809, special and different from other troops.

We know one of the big concerns of volunteering is . . . how much time will I have to devote to this endeavor? That depends upon the role in which you are interested. But rest assured that when you begin to look at ways to be involved we will be very honest about what you can expect. We strive to make certain the duties and time requirements are well explained and that you feel comfortable in any and every role you have within the troop.

You can get an idea of how you can help the Troop by reviewing pages 4 – 7 of the Troop 809 Operations Guide to see the roles and duties of the formal volunteer positions that are available in Troop 809. You could even shadow or assist an existing volunteer to “learn the ropes” if you like. And let’s not forget that there are many opportunities and needs within the troop that do not fall into one of these formal positions. In any way – shape – or form, your contribution of your time would bring great value to the troop.