Getting Ready to Take Wing

“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.”
― Anne Frank

While a Life Scout, the Eagle Scout candidate must (in part) plan, develop, and give leadership in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or his community. The Eagle Scout service project provides the opportunity for the Eagle candidate to demonstrate the leadership skills he has learned in Scouting. He does this project outside the sphere of Scouting.

All service projects participants, along with hours of individual Scout participation, must be reported to the troop advancement chairperson so that proper credit may be recorded for the Scout. Service project leader should see the advancement chairman prior to the event for instructions. Scouts who participate in a service project on an individual basis should provide the date, type of service activity, and hours served in writing and signed by the project coordinator to the advancement chairman.

Eagle Scout Candidates

Once a Scout has earned Life rank he should attend the Life to Eagle Seminar presented by the Harford District advancement committee twice each year in spring and fall. See the Scoutmaster, advancement chairman, or district website for the time and place of the next session. When a Life Scout would like to begin his trail to Eagle, he should contact the troop advancement chairman to review his records and to obtain the most current list of troop Eagle Advisors. The Eagle Advisor provides guidance to the Eagle candidate with project selection and the explains the steps to achieve Eagle rank. It is very important that the Scout follows the directions and sequence of events in the Life to Eagle packet.

Eagle Scout Advisors

Currently there are four adult leaders in Troop 809 that have completed their training and are available to act as Eagle Scout Advisors. Those four individuals are Mr. John Cornelius, Mr. Dave Kelly, Mr. Dave Kraft and Mr. Dave S. Click here to go to the Troop 809’s Leadership page to contact one of the advisors today! If you are interested in becoming an Eagle Scout Advisor, contact our webmaster and request information on how you can become an Eagle Scout Advisor.

While on your final leg of the journey to becoming an Eagle Scout, use this section to get inspiration, discuss project ideas, get help when you need it and for whatever other suitable use can be found.