Roles in the Patrol

Patrol Leader – Gives leadership to members of his patrol and represents them on the PLC; 6-month term elected by the patrol members.

Assistant Patrol Leader – Acts as patrol leader in case of the patrol leader‟s absence; the assistant patrol leader is appointed by the patrol leader for a 6-month term.

Patrol Leaders’ Council – The patrol leaders’ council (PLC) is responsible for selecting, planning, and conducting the troop activities. The PLC is made up of the following voting members: senior patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader(s), patrol leaders, and troop guide(s.) The SPL may request other members of the troop be present at a PLC meeting, but they have no vote.

At its monthly meetings, the PLC organizes and assigns activity responsibilities for troop meetings and events. The troop committee interacts with the PLC through the Scoutmaster.

The troop’s activities are selected and planned at the annual program planning conference. The SPL and his PLC, the Scoutmaster, assistant Scoutmasters, and any other individuals the senior patrol leader feels is necessary to conduct the meeting will attend this conference. The troop’s yearly plan is then submitted to the troop committee by the July committee meeting for approval. The troop committee either approves the plan or makes alternative suggestions for the PLC to consider.