Patrol Meetings

Patrol meetings are a great way to ensure important tasks are completed or to promote the specific interests of the individuals serving in a patrol. Patrol meetings may be held at any time and place. While a portion of a troop meeting may allow for patrols to gather, patrols are generally encouraged to meet on a different evening at the home of a patrol member. The frequency of patrol meetings is determined by upcoming events and activities that require planning and discussion.

Patrol meetings should be well-planned and businesslike. Typically, the patrol leader calls the meeting to order and the assistant patrol leader reports on advancement. The patrol leader should report any information from the latest patrol leaders’ council meeting. The bulk of the meeting should be devoted to planning upcoming activities, with specific assignments made to each patrol member. This is especially important to make certain that trips and activities go off without a hitch!

Since patrol meetings are customized for the individual patrol, postings for upcoming patrol meetings as well as the results from past meetings should be made on the patrols webpage found under the “Scouts” tab.