Campout followup/ troop elections

I just want to send a big THANK YOU out to everyone who helped to make this weekend’s campout the success it was.

Starting with the boys, I asked that you come prepared by knowing your lashings and ready to show the Weblos a fun weekend and you did just that. From the moment they arrived you made them feel welcomed and part of your patrols and our troop. I heard multiple comments from parents saying they can’t get their son to cook, cleanup or try new things, yet they were doing it all this weekend plus some. And was that lookout tower and catapults cool or what! Neither would have been possible had you not learned your lashings!

The communications merit badge group put on an outstanding campfire program with great skits, song and jokes. Everyone enjoyed it immensely.

Finally, the campout would not have been possible without the adult help. 12 came camping with us and more came during different parts of the day and ALL contributed. While the boys drive the 809 train, it is the parents who are the engine that make the wheels go round and round!

Remember that at next week’s troop meeting, we will be holding Troop elections. Please email Mr. Dwight at with the position you plan on running for, why you want the position and what you intend to accomplish in that position. We will also be having another scout skill patrol competition – who will I will be cooking for in Gettysburg???

Great job scouts and parents, great job!!!

Mr. Dwight