Gettysburg Info

  1. We will be doing Citizenship in the Nation merit badge on Saturday morning, having a early lunch and then going into town for the parade. We will then be going to the cemetery where the boys doing Citizenship in the Nation will read the Gettysburg address and talk about what it means and why it is so important. Please come prepared to give your talk.
  2. If interested we will be having a old time civil war photo taken. The cost will be approximately $13, depending on the group size. There will also be an opportunity to buy a civil war bullet for $7. Please reply to Mr. Dwight at  by Wednesday if you plan on purchasing a picture or bullet. Please bring extra money.
  3. We will  be going to Devil’s Den and later in the evening doing a ghost tour in town.
  4. All scouts are required to wear class A when we travel to town in the afternoon.
  5. Weather is expected to be cold, windy and possible rain or snow. Please be prepared for the weather.

Mr. Dwight