Troop 809 Summer Camp 2015!

The Troop will meet at Jarrettsville United Methodist Church this Sunday, 7/19/15 at 12:30pm for departure at 1pm to Camp Horseshoe.

  • Wear red Class B shirts for travel
  • Eat lunch before arrival, we will not stop on our way to camp
  • Pack swim trunks and towel for easy access – we will do swim test upon arrival at camp
  • Mess kit and Class A Uniform are required

While at JUMC on Sunday,

  1. Turn in medication to Elizabeth
  2. Turn in special deliveries for camp to Elizabeth
  3. See Melissa to order Troop Photo (Photo will be taken at camp, cost is $8.50 per picture)
  4. Turn in Official Permission Slip for Camp to Melissa – available on Forms Page shortly

Also remember to pack:

  • Silly Hat for Mr. Whitey’s Silly Hat Wednesday
  • Money for t-shirt if your scout would like to purchase at camp (cost is $20)
  • Mess kit – Required for all meals on Thursday and some Merit Badges
  • Extra Money for Merit Badge Supplies (if additional fee indicated)
  • Prerequisites for all Merit Badges (Mrs. Keri sent previously)
  • Money for Trading Post

There is an optional Mile Swim scheduled for Saturday while at Camp and an optional Polar Bear Swim daily Mon-Sat.
The Troop will return to JUMC on 7/26 around 1:45pm

Packing List Suggestions
Class A Uniform
Shorts/ Shirts / Socks / Underwear- enough for 7 days plus extra
Sleep Wear
Extra Shoes
Watch (optional)
Rain Gear
Sleeping Bag/Blanket or Sheets and Pillow
Sleeping Pad or Air Mattress if desired
Flashlight with extra batteries
Scout Handbook and pen
Sunscreen / Chapstick
Clothes line
Soap / Wash Cloth / Shampoo
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Towels for shower and pool
Camera (optional)
Pocket knife with Totin Chit Card


Open Toe Shoes
Butane Lighters
Non-folding knives
Cell Phones


If you have any questions please contact your patrol leader or an adult leader.