Troop Statement

  Kyle Lynam was a very active part of our Troop 809 family and has been for many years.  Although on the surface he seemed very silly and carefree, Kyle has worked diligently in his Scouting career to become an integral part of our Troop operations.  He has taken on more responsibilities and leadership roles and currently serves as the Troop Quartermaster and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.

  Kyle was a unique person with a boisterous personality.  He was everyone’s friend and would literally do anything for anyone.  He was loyal, thoughtful and kind, friendly and cheerful, helpful and brave.  He was all things that a Scout should be and lived the Scout Oath in his daily life.  There are no words to express our sadness and there will never be a way to fill the hole in our hearts.

  We are thinking of Kyle’s family and appreciate the support shown from the community during this difficult time.

Boy Scout Troop 809