Adopt a Family

Hello Troop 809 Families! We have outdone ourselves and adopted 3 families this year so we need your help.

Family 1 – Adopted Senior
Has requested:
Laundry Detergent
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Gift Cards for ShopRite, Target, Walmart & Dollar General

Family 2 – Mom, Dad & teenage son
Family has requested:
Scott Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Kitchen Towels
Gift Cards for ShopRite, Walmart, Safeway & Dollar General
Son – Gift cards for Steam or Amazon
Dad – Jeans – 40×32 Relaxed Fit Wranglers
Mom – Sketchers Tennis Shoes – Size 8.5 Wide or 9 Regular

Family 3 – Mom, 6 year old & 1 month old daughters
Family has requested:
New baby is very sick and still in the hospital, they will require aAir Purifier for a large room when the baby comes home, hopefully in the next month
Gift Cards for Safeway, Home Depot, Good Will & Kid to Kid
Daughter (6) – loves DIY, tools, science, no pink & no dolls
Science Kits, build a birdhouse kit, 3D Pen, outdoor items or craft items, asked for Dance Dance Revolution but they do not have a video game console
Daughter (infant) – they still need a humidifier & stroller, baby was born at 2lbs and is now 5lbs
Need some newborn & 0-3 month clothes but can’t be pants or shirts, need to be button up or zip up outfits (will need to wear monitors and this allows access for wires or holes to be cut)
Burp cloths, wash cloths, basinet sheets
Almost anything baby related is appreciated
Mom – needs a winter coat, size medium, long sleeve shirts size medium and pants or leggings, size medium